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SoCloudMedia is a London-based media technology company, with a unique, rich blend of technical expertise, creative flair and monetisation specialists. SoCloudMedia is focused on providing user experience, service design, system integration and cloud-based solutions to companies in the Media, Entertainment and Sports Rights sectors. 

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Workshop and Discovery

Join us for our free Cloud Transformation for Media workshops. 

Our workshops cover:

The shift in paradigm

Opportunities for new revenue generation and cost saving

Challenges conquered

A roadmap for transformation

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Survey work and Validation 

Our detailed surveys are a full audit of your current working practises and technical infrastructure. 

We analyse your workflow and demonstrate where costs can be saved, efficiencies made and new revenue models developed with a shift to cloud services.

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Cloud Transformation & In-Life Support

We provide hands on transformation services with bespoke systems integration. 

Our fully supported service, tailored to your requirements, ensures you leverage the maximum efficiencies in your new cloud-based content workflow. 


SoCloudMedia works with best in breed technology partners to deliver integrated cloud-based video solutions.


Azure Media Services is a cloud-based platform that enables you to build solutions that achieve broadcast-quality video streaming, enhance accessibility and distribution, analyze content, and much more.


Easel TV is an award winning video software company specialising in an end-to-end OTT solution for content owners seeking to deliver streaming VOD content to an audience, quickly and cost effectively, using their industry proven SaaS platform.


Paywizard Singula is an AI-driven subscriber intellgence platform that drives more precise customer engagement. Drawing on 20 years of Paywizard experience working with global TV brands to build segmented and targeted campaigns that win subscriber loyalty, boost revenues and enhance brand reputation.


New Signature are global experts in building, testing and supporting solutions on Microsoft Azure. As one of Microsoft’s leading global partners, they leverage the full breath of Microsoft Cloud technologies to deliver true business value clients through digital transformation.


id3as are pioneers in innovative, high scale extremely available media encoding, packaging and streaming solutions. Born in the cloud and specialising in live event delivery


Adobe Experience Cloud gives you access to an integrated set of solutions to build campaigns, manage your advertising, and gain deep intelligence about your business.


The GrayMeta Platform offers the freedom to extract, create, curate and store intelligent metadata – making assets more searchable, across more applications and turning hidden data into actionable information.




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